New Year, New Goals, New Ideas! (And Then Some Old Stats)

Well, another year is in the books, and all told it was a pretty good year for me. It was a pretty good year for my blog too, with more page views than last year and roughly the same number of posts. This year, I’d like to increase that post count, or at the very least spread the posts out more evenly and post more consistently. My recent update history doesn’t indicate that this is the trend, but we’ll see what happens with the new year.

Something that I plan to keep doing is my “Monstrous Monday” thing, which is just a pretty wide open theme where I talk about monsters. Some ideas I have include looking at some “monsters that time forgot,” where I look at a monster from yesteryear and breathe some new life into it, maybe with a fresh new stat block for 5th edition. I’d also like to start posting session notes again, if I get to run a game with anything approaching consistency this year. I also have some adventure ideas and some ideas about world design that I’d like to share if I can get pen to page (and then fingers to keyboard). We’ll see how things go. In the meantime, let’s take a look back at the year that was.

Last year, I had a total of 5,105 page views from 2,930 visitors. That’s about 900 more visitors and almost 1,000 more page views than last year, and about 5,000 more page views than I could have ever hoped to have when I started this blog. So allow me to extend a heartfelt thank you to everyone who took the time to read something I wrote; you’re all awesome.

The most popular post of last year, with 120 page views, was a personal favorite of mine that I wrote as part of a larger project with some other bloggers. I had a lot of fun writing it, and with any luck it will be published in a PDF with all of the other pieces that were written by the aforementioned other bloggers. That post is here:

Why I Love Fifth Edition Dungeons and Dragons

The following posts are some other favorites of mine that deserve an honorable mention:

Week of Vengeance! – Revenge, and Why Your NPCs Want It

(This post was part of a similar multi-blog project, and may also make its way into a PDF later this year.)

How to Create a Good Backstory, or: Why Nobody Cares About All That Stuff You Wrote About Your Character

(This received a decent number of page views, got lots of positive feedback, and sparked some good discussions on Twitter.)

In Defense of the Inn – Why It’s Okay to Start Your Adventure in an Inn or a Tavern

(This one is short and to the point – and I just like it.)

Player Agency, And Why You Should Limit Your Choices

(This one received almost as many page views as my essay on 5th Edition, and is a little controversial.)


I think there are some other good ones, but I’m probably biased. Anyway, the above are a few that stuck out to me. Thanks again for reading this stuff – I look forward to writing a lot more of it!



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