#OnePostADayTheMonthAfterMay Day 14 – Where You Overhear Tavern Tale No. 14 in Your Adventurer’s Journal

Earlier I sat down with my phone and pulled up the Dragon+ App, thinking I would read through the articles there and find something to talk about. Everything looked like it downloaded fine, but when I pulled the latest issue up, all I got was the cover. Which is a shame, because I was looking forward to reading the article about Dungeons and Dragons computer games in particular. Man, I’ve played the hell out of some D&D video games.

However, most of that video game playing happened many years ago. I poured hours upon hours into Pools of Radiance and Champions of Krynn, sitting there at my Commodore 64 with a stack of floppy disks and my trusty adventurer’s journal. In my opinion, the turn based combat in these games is the only way to properly do Dungeons and Dragons. I know that puts me in a minority of people who don’t care for titles like Baldur’s Gate, but honestly when I play that I spend more time paused during the combat, and when things aren’t paused it just looks like a big mess on the screen. Aside from all the glitches, I vastly preferred the Temple of Elemental Evil video game combat interface, and would love to see more games use that format, instead of insisting on taking Dungeons and Dragons – which has a turn based combat system – and trying to give it a “real-time” combat system.

That’s why I was super excited when I saw this Kickstarter, and super disappointed when the creators pulled the plug. It actually looks like they plan to regroup and try again though, and I really hope they do, despite the fact that I don’t have much time to play video games these days. Based on the Kickstarter video, this game hit all the right notes for me. It instantly reminded me of those gold box classics, but with updated graphics and a point and click interface. In my perfect world the people in charge of this sort of thing over at WotC would stop trying to reinvent the wheel and just start cranking out games like Seven Dragon Saga. If they made Pools of Radiance with that game engine and put it in a gold box I wouldn’t be able to get my wallet out fast enough.


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