#OnePostADayTheMonthAfterMay Day 12 – Where I Play a Board Game With a Toddler

Last weekend I went to the Origins Game Fair, and I posted here about picking up a couple of board games. I got home from the game fair that night and immediately convinced a couple of my friends to come over and kill some zombies with me in the game Run Fight or Die. I was able to get another game in last Sunday with another friend as well, and I will probably play it again tomorrow. It’s a really fun, simple game that was well worth the purchase price. And I’ve won three games in a row, which is pretty sweet!

So that’s how things have went with the zombie game I picked up last weekend. I’ve played the other game, First Orchard, way more. I’ve played that game at least twice a day since last Sunday and usually more. My two-year old can’t get enough of this game, which makes me quite the proud gamer dad. The game is about as complex as you might imagine a game for a toddler would be. The game uses a d6 with four colored dots on it, a basket symbol, and a raven symbol. The other components are some wooden fruit playing pieces, painted to correspond with the colors on the dice, “trees” (little printed cardboard discs) for the fruit to go on, a raven figurine, and a little path for the raven to walk down. Oh, and a basket. To put the fruit in. Game play is as follows: you roll the die and if you get a color you put that color fruit in the basket. The basket symbol allows you to pick any fruit you want and put it in the basket, and if you roll the raven you move the bird figurine one space down the path.

The object is for the players to get all the fruit in the basket before the raven makes it down the path, at which point he will supposedly get into your orchard and eat all your fruit. Try not to think about why he has to walk down the path to get to the orchard instead of just flying there; it’s a game for two-year olds.

I really can’t express enough how much my kid loves this game. And I’m impressed that she actually plays the game by the rules. I knew she was capable of grasping the concept when I bought the game, but I assumed she’d rather just play with the pieces in her own way instead of playing the actual game. She does that too, but more often she wants to set things up and take turns rolling the dice with my wife and I, diligently moving her fruits to the basket when she rolls a color, and saying “Oh no! You rolled the raven!” when the bird comes up on the die.

Last week I thought for sure that out of the two games I picked up the zombie game would be my favorite, but I sorely underestimated how gratifying it would be playing First Orchard with my little one.


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