#OnePostADayTheMonthAfterMay Day 11 – The One Where I’m Waiting on a Delivery

I think I may have a problem. Once I get moved, I’ll probably manage to run a couple of Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition games for my brother’s game group a month. I probably won’t have much time to do anything else, and I probably couldn’t get those guys to play anything else. So why in the hell did I order a copy of Savage Worlds?

There are a couple of answers. First, it was cheap. For $10 I thought: “Why not?” Second, I just love games. It doesn’t matter that my chances of getting a game together anytime soon using Savage Worlds are slim to none. I’m sure I’ll get $10 worth of enjoyment out of the rule book just thumbing through the pages and imagining the games I’d like to play using the rules therein. I can read and enjoy a rule book for a roleplaying game like other folks enjoy a good work of fiction, or perhaps a history book, if I’m dealing with a game or supplement rich in setting details.

If I had a budget that would allow it, I’m sure I’d have a whole shelf full of roleplaying games that I’d probably never get to play. That may sound strange, unless you consider that I already have several shelves full of “regular” books that I can’t do anything with besides read. At least with a shelf full of roleplaying games, there is some potential to do something with them besides just read them, right? And who is to say what the future holds? Maybe this group of weekly Pathfinder players, who I had to cajole into giving Dungeons and Dragons another try, are all yearning to play some two-fisted pulp adventure story or have some weird west showdowns, if only they had a good game system for it.

That’s when I show up with my Savage Worlds book and save the day.


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