#OnePostADayTheMonthAfterMay Day 3 – Origins Bound

I decided yesterday to register for the Origins Game Fair since the event isn’t all that far away from me. So I will be there this Saturday, June 6.  Unfortunately, I needed to make this decision one day earlier if I wanted to pre-register for any events. So I might have to be rather lucky to get into a registered roleplaying game while I’m there, since I won’t be able to register for any games until I’m actually on site Saturday afternoon. I guess that’s what I get for making this sort of decision at the last moment.

Even if I can’t find any official roleplaying games to get involved with, there’s still a chance I could find an unofficial pick-up game. Even putting roleplaying games aside all together there are still hundreds of miniature games and board games – surely I will be able to find something to get into. In fact, there are a couple of tabletop games that I have wanted to try for awhile now. One of them is Flames of War, and the other is Field of Glory. The only tabletop miniature games I have ever played are Warhammer Fantasy and Warhammer 40,000 – both of which are very ubiquitous games published by Games Workshop. From what I can tell both of these other games are pretty popular too, just not in the gaming circles that I’m a part of.

Flames of War in particular interests me, as I’ve always been a fan or war-themed board games and WW II themed computer games; I’ve sunk hundreds of hours into Panzer General alone, not to mention the dozens of other games I’ve played in the genre. I’m certain the only reason I’ve never played a game like Flames of War is because I don’t have anyone to play a game like that with. I know that several years ago, when I was sinking all kinds of money into 40k miniatures, I would have gladly sank the same money into World War II miniatures if I could have convinced my fellow gamers to do likewise.

Ironically, the last time I was at Origins I sat and talked to a guy about a WW II miniature game for a good while, but didn’t have the time to play a demo game because I was waiting for a 40k game that I had signed up for to start. That won’t happen this weekend. I’m pretty sure that I’m at least two editions behind the times when it comes to Warhammer 40,000, and I have no desire to bring myself up to speed. I’d be willing to try just about any other miniatures game at the convention though.


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