#OnePostADayTheMonthAfterMay Day 1 – A Funny Thing From Twitter

I feel like I’ve been neglecting my blog far too much lately, and I feel like I haven’t committed to an official posting schedule because I don’t want to be held accountable for not following through with such a schedule. What if I advertise “New Updates Every Sunday” and then I’m too lazy to deliver one week? Worse things have happened I’m sure. And I know what happens when I don’t hold myself accountable – I go weeks without writing anything at all. So that’s no good.

Then I thought, what better way to make up for going so long not having a posting schedule then to set yourself up an UNREASONABLE posting schedule! Then I thought: Why not do something like “A Post A Day in May?” Then I didn’t write anything on May 1st. Then I wrote two blog posts the whole month. Then I thought: what’s stopping me from doing a post a day in June? The rhyme scheme? We can fix that. So now I’m doing a post a day the month after May, and I have to say it already seems like a good idea. It really rolls off the tongue, and there is one less day so it’s that much easier to accomplish. I’m really not sure if I can pull this off since I’ll be moving out of this house in a couple of weeks and changing jobs and etcetera etcetera. So maybe I won’t do it. That’s fine. But I’m not going to just say “maybe next month” and not try to do it either. I did that last month. I’m not setting the bar too high for my daily word count either – I was thinking 300 words per day would be the minimum goal. Because that’s the number I arbitrarily decided upon. I’m already at 312 words, counting this sentence, so that seems more than achievable. And I haven’t even talked about the actual thing that I wanted to talk about yet!

What I’d actually like to talk about is the hashtag #lairimprovement and how it’s just the most recent in a series of humorous roleplaying hashtags that I see in my Twitter feed. In the future, I’ll post some of my favorite tweets with these hashtags here, starting with some of my favorites from #lairimprovement

And now some shameless self-promotion:





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