Hoard of the Dragon Queen: Session #1- Where I Don’t Bother Coming Up With A Clever Subtitle

Like I mentioned previously, my gaming group decided to abandon our quest for the Lost Mine of Phandelver and roll up some new characters to tackle the Hoard of the Dragon Queen. Here is the new lineup of would-be heroes:

  • Myself: Alaren Neverwinter – Human (Oath of Vengance) Paladin
  • Johnny: Cero Locke – Halfing Fighter (soon to be Fighter/Thief)
  • Tyler: Adrik IronDragon – Dwarven Fighter
  • Quay: Olorin Isochron – Human Wizard
  • Corey (Dungeon Master): Talerika – Human Cleric

I’ve already described my character in the previously linked post, so here is a brief description of everyone else. Cero is a halfling fighter who previously served as a scout in some army or mercenary company along the Sword coast. Talerika is a cleric, not a druid, of Chauntea, which I like and find interesting. Adrik IronDragon is also a former soldier who became disillusioned with civilian life as a miner and so struck out to find more exciting work as an adventurer. And we all found ourselves at the same place at the same time because Olorin Isochron put out the word that he was in search of brave souls who wanted to help him do something about the cultist menace that was plaguing his beloved homeland of Amn.

Unfortunately for us, it turned out that a lot of the cultists who were busy menacing Olorin’s homeland were not only literate, but also paid attention to the help wanted ads. So when all of our characters showed up at the advertised tavern at the appointed time, we learned that a whole lot of cultists had also shown up. We quickly dispatched our would-be assassins, but not before Alaren and Adrik, the guys who are suppose to be our frontline fighters, went down like a couple of sacks full of hammers. At least Alaren managed to take out one cultist and Adrik was able to score a hit before they went down.

We inferred from our interrogation of one of these cultists and conversations with the locals that something big was planned in a town called Greenest, so we purchased a donkey cart and set out to thwart the plans of these cultists, whatever they may be. On the road to Greenest, we met with a couple more cultists who had a drake with them. Adrik went down on round one, and I joked that he should change his last name from “IronDragon” to “HammerSack.” He didn’t think this was very funny. He thought it was plenty funny when Alaren went down on round three though. The whole fight was salvaged by some solid blows by Cero and a devastating witchbolt spell that made short work of the drake.

And that was our first session, aside from some hilarity surrounding Tyler and his dwarven fighter. He made mention that his character was from the “Amnish Mountains,” and there was much jesting about the fabled quality of Amnish craftsmanship, and how maybe his character should be named McIronDragon and the like.

Another thing of note is that I decided my paladin would discuss redemption, the soul, and the afterlife in a detached manner while trying to murder his foes. He basically tells his enemies how they’re going to hell in the same way that Patrick Bateman talks about Phil Collins in American Psycho. Everyone thought it was a nice touch.

Lastly, as a group we’re certain that our two main fighters going down like panties on prom night in our first two fights isn’t at all a bad omen, and we’re sure that they will be super awesome from now on, and not be huge piles of suck like they were during our first game.


2 thoughts on “Hoard of the Dragon Queen: Session #1- Where I Don’t Bother Coming Up With A Clever Subtitle

  1. I am also playing through HotDQ . . . in two separate groups. It is interesting and you Paladin sounds like fun. Do not worry, once you hit 2nd level things get much better,

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