Instant Blog: Just Add Updates

I’m setting a goal for myself of two updates a week for this blog, minimum, which seems reasonable. Ideally I will be able to do at least one over the weekend, and at least one during the week.  I can typically come up with lots of excuses for why I can’t write something, like how I was on vacation this last weekend. Ok, that was a pretty good excuse for not doing an update over the weekend, but sitting here and playing Master of Orion on DosBox all week probably isn’t the greatest excuse for why I haven’t done an update since I got back from vacation.

Anyway, I’m not counting this as one of my two updates for the week; I just wanted to post something stating my intentions before heading to work in the hopes that this will make me more accountable. I appreciate those of you who stop by and check out what I write when I do get around to posting, so hopefully you will appreciate a little more consistency.

See you this weekend.


2 thoughts on “Instant Blog: Just Add Updates

  1. Hi, I have a blog post on getting things done (which is a self-management course that I attended last wednesday and have written it up with all the exercises and materials). This can definitely keep you on track with your blog posts!! 🙂

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