On Hyperborea and Fate

Previously, I reviewed Astonishing Swordsmen and Sorcerers of Hyperborea. I talked about how I liked both the rules and the setting material, I just didn’t really like them together. Since then, I’ve started using the rules in my Keep on the Borderlands campaign (soon to be my Temple of Elemental Evil campaign) and it has been a great success. However, I find myself being drawn back to the setting material, which has it’s roots in pulpy, sword and sorcery style tales with a little splash of Lovecraft thrown in for good measure.

You may also recall that I’ve previously started a couple of Fate games that didn’t really go anywhere. The second attempt at such a game was a sword and sorcery style game where the players and I hashed out the details of a vaguely swords-and-sorcerish setting and theme. That game never really went anywhere for reasons that had nothing to do with how well the players and I liked the idea. But soon I feel like the time will be right to take another stab at FATE, and I definitely want to keep with the sword and sorcery genre. In fact, I want to keep the same characters that were made previously, possibly with some minor changes to account for the new setting. I may also be leaning towards Fate Accelerated and approaches rather than the more complete list of skills in Fate Core, because I like the simplicity of the approaches as well as the creative thinking it forces a player to do when approaching each situation. I want the game to have more of a sandbox feel than our previous attempts at Fate had, and I feel like using the Hyperborean Gazetteer is an easy and rewarding way to accomplish that.

Nothing is set yet, but I hope that I can make this game a reality in the next couple of weeks.


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