Chessex Pound O’ Dice: Pretty Nice

Somewhere somehow I lost my dice bag and after a week or so of looking for it I broke down and ordered a Pound O’ Dice, which is a big bag of dice that Chessex sells. I had read mixed reviews about this product and so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. Overall, I was pretty pleased.

I didn’t weigh the bag, but I assume it was a pound, which in my case worked out to about 115 dice. Not a bad haul for just under $25! I had read a few reviews from people who said they ended up with way fewer dice than this, which seems odd. At any rate, I was quite happy with my grand total. I ended up with quite a few d10s, both percentile and regular, and a lot of d6s as well, which doesn’t bother me. There were about 8-9 d8s and about the same number of d4s, with maybe 15 or so d20s. There were only 4 d12s, but this doesn’t really bother me. How many d12s does a guy really need?

Part of why the dice are so cheap is because a lot of them are considered to be factory defects. Most of the defects I noticed had to do with either slight imperfections in the finish or coloring, but nothing that rendered the dice unusable or even displeasing to the eye. There were a couple of d6s that had an unpainted pip or two on them, and 4 dice (a d6 and 3 d10s) that are missing one number completely. Finally, there was one d6, about 3x the size of a “standard” d6, that had no numbers or pips or anything; it’s just a smooth white cube (we used this die to represent a gelatinous cube in my last game session, so even this die wasn’t completely useless). Even the dice that are missing numbers are functional, because no die is missing more than one number.

Of course, each bag will be different and  individual results may vary. But based on my experience the Pound O’ Dice is the way to go if you need to replace a collection of dice, or start a new collection on the cheap, or just flat out want more dice. I’m thinking about buying another on even, just because it was so much fun to dig through the pile and see what was there.


5 thoughts on “Chessex Pound O’ Dice: Pretty Nice

  1. I always give my new players a set of dice when they first pull a chair up. The set comes from a pound o’ dice I bought and then roughly matched colors up in.

  2. Just got a set today! Suprisingly and sadly, I wound up with only 14 d6, and 13 d12! 19 d20, 10 d8, 31(!) d10 (including 6 percentile dice), and a mere 6 d4 round out the set. Add in the 7 die “set” (plain white, sadly), and it’s a pretty good haul, I just wish I had gotten more d6, honestly.

    1. The lion’s share of my “set” were d6s and d10s, with a pretty even mix of percentile and normal d10s. More d6s and less d10s would have definitely been better in your case – that’s a lot of d10s! Did you have any interesting factory defects in your mix?

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