FATE Core Fallout, Session #2

My DnD game has been on hiatus for the last few weeks, and things have been busy besides so I haven’t been doing anything roleplaying-related (including posting here). However, I did get a session of FATE in last week so I decided to knock the rust off of this blog and post some session notes.

A few weeks ago when my Keep on the Borderlands game got derailed (too common of an occurrence of late), I and the two players that did show up decided to start a game of Fate. That session and the one from last week were our first experience with the Fate Core system, so I think we are still a little rough around the edges but everyone had a great time and liked the way the game played. But I digress…

Our first actual play session began with our intrepid heroes, a New York City street rat and a former combat medic, in the office of the village elder of Middleton Commune (Her name is Sarah; she’s 28). Having recently arrived in Middleton, our heroes are given a task to prove their loyalty, a task they just so happen to be ideally suited for. Middleton is in desperate need of medical supplies, so the plan is for the street rat to lead the medic into the city, find a hospital, and help the medic scrounge for the much needed supplies.

After a brief scuffle with some Rad Roaches (a small encounter for us to test drive the combat system), our duo made it to their first significant challenge: the Holland Tunnel. Remarkably this tunnel is still intact, and represented the most viable means of making it to Manhattan island. Unfortunately, the tunnel was crawling with feral ghouls. Our duo managed to sneak up on the sentry and dispatch him with relative ease, but when they turned on their flashlights inside the tunnel they were jumped by several more of the foul creatures. A wild firefight ensued, and while our heroes made it out unscathed, the street rat’s assault rifle was out of ammo (italics indicate aspects).

This firefight was followed closely by another firefight, as our team stumbled upon a group of gangsters in a street battle with New York’s Finest. They were about to skirt around the conflict, but since it’s personal with NYC’s Finest and the street rat, they were compelled to get involved. Our street rat wasted no time tossing the groups only grenade into a pack of NYC’s Finest, with devastating effect. This revealed our heroes’ location to a rooftop sniper, however, and soon the combat medic was pinned down. Before stress could turn to consequences, the tide turned against the remaining officers and the sniper was forced to abandon his position.

Our medic helped heal up a downed member of the street gang, earning their gratitude. Things were still a little tense, however, because the combat medic recognized the colors of this gang and knew that they often worked for his nemesis, Dr. Feelgood (he has the aspect A bounty on my head, Dr. Feelgood wants me dead). The gangsters didn’t seem to recognize our hero though, so they agreed to lead the pair to a hospital that may contain the supplies they needed. It also happened to contain a nest of ghouls, which may explain why some supplies might still be in there.

Our heroes made a cursory assessment of the building, noted some movement, and for some reason decided the best course of action would be to stroll right through the front doors of the ER. Needless to say, they were set upon by ghouls pretty much immediately. They managed to dispatch eight of the things, but took on some stress in the process. They also made enough noise to ensure that anything else in the area would know exactly where they are…

This is where we left off for the evening. I’m still feeling my way around the rules, and working out what constitutes a challenge for the players, but overall I am quite pleased with the game. Everyone seems to be getting the hang of aspects, and everyone is having a great time. I promise that before I post notes from the next session, I will learn the names of the characters. Right now I am too lazy to go out to the garage and look at the character sheets though.


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