Keep On The Borderlands Session #4: Hobgoblins, Hobgoblins, Hobgoblins

It’s been a while since the last time we were able to play Keep on the Borderlands, so I am a little disappointed that last night’s session was relatively short. At least we got some Caves of Chaos time in though, and that’s better than nothing.

Our party returned to the caves after rescuing a merchant and his men-at-arms during our last session, this time with one of the men-at-arms as a hireling. The first thing the party did when they returned to the caves was explore the ogre lair that they had recently discovered the entrance to, and so they finally got a halfway decent treasure haul out of the caves (They killed the ogre during session #2, but never found his lair).

After this, the party proceeded to explore the hobgoblin caves again, where they encountered…wait for it: hobgoblins. They got into a fight with a small group of hobgoblins down one of the many dead end passages in the Caves of Chaos, and were then ambushed by a much larger group of hobgoblins at an intersection when they retraced their steps. The surprise round went rather well for the hobgoblins, who concentrated their missile fire on Enmetius the barbarian and managed to drop him to -2 hit points before he knew what hit him (two crossbow bolts and four javelins are what hit him, he would later find out). Everything was pretty much downhill for the hobgoblins after that. Tim the Conjurer was able to take advantage of the narrow passageways and incapacitate one flank of the ambushing hobgoblins with a well placed Color Spray spell. Garwin the dwarf got to make use of his newly acquired Cleave feat on the other hobgoblin flank, cutting down two foes at once on multiple rounds. The remaining hobgoblins, for the most part, managed to miss with their attacks and be generally counter-productive when it came to furthering the cause of not dying.

Following this ambush, the party healed up some and explored more of the hobgoblin caves, finding the armory where some of their most recent attackers came from. Garwin and Enmetius upgraded their armor (Garwin went from scale mail to a breastplate and Enmetius went from studded leather to a chain shirt) and pretty much everyone that was able to and didn’t already have such a weapon picked up either a longbow, short bow, or crossbow.

And that was about it for this session. The fight with the ambushing hobgoblins took longer than I expected to complete, despite a total lack of competence on the part of the hobgoblins. Next session, the party will be getting started right in the caves instead of back at the keep, so I look forward to a lot more progress being made during the next session. I’m also looking forward to the upcoming fight with the hobgoblin chieftain, an encounter I may have to tweak to keep challenging since up to this point the hobgoblin opposition has been pretty laughable.


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