D30 Day 19: Favorite Monster (Elemental/Plant)

Favorite elemental or plant, eh? How is a person suppose to choose between such closely related monster types? If that person is me, he just writes about a plant, because I don’t guess I have a favorite elemental.

The Yellow Musk Creeper immediately springs to mind. From the Monster Manual description (2nd Edition): The yellow musk creeper is a plant that attacks humanoids, draining Intelligence and turning them into yellow musk zombies. The zombie serves the plant for a couple of months and then dies, enabling the new plant embedded in its head to feed on the body.

Do I need to write anything else?

What’s not to love about a plant that controls a small horde of zombies that have “yellow skin” and a “fixed, glazed look” about them? This creature could add a nice twist to a story about marauding humanoids too. Maybe a small community has recently grown accustomed to attacks on their caravans by bands of orcs in the nearby foothills. Maybe recently those attacks have ceased and the villagers are worried that this means the orcs are massing their forces for an attack on the village itself, so they decide to hire some adventurers to go investigate. Maybe those adventurers head out expecting to kill a bunch of orcs, only to find out that most of the orcs are already dead yellow-plant-zombie things, and the living orcs are holed up in a cave or something frightened for their lives. It’s ok though, because those musk zombies are probably about to attack the village instead.

(I realize the description of the musk creeper states that these zombies typically stay within 100 feet of the parent plant. That’s fine. You can stick to that description if you’re some weirdo who doesn’t want an army of zombie orcs who are planning to raze a village for their evil plant overlords. I was just spit-balling.) 


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