D30 Challenge Day 18: Favorite Immortal/Outsider

Alright, let’s just pretend I posted this late last night and move on, shall we?

My favorite outsider has to be this guy:


This guy is from the old school Fiend Folio and, like a lot of things in that book, he’s a little bit out there. He’s a skeletal looking guy who is always wearing a hooded cassock or some such, so that the only thing you can see are his glowing, gem-like eyes. One of these eyes can shoot fireballs at you, and the other causes fear. Makes sense so far, right?

The thing that I really like about this guy is his other ability though: the ability to corrupt Lawful Neutral individuals and eventually get them to perform heinous deeds (I think this power has been modified somewhat with recent updates of this monster, but this is what the original Eye of Fear and Flame could do). This immediately captured my imagination. I came up with an adventure idea involving a college of wizards, who were going about their studies and probably drinking over-priced coffee and paying way too much for used textbooks in their isolated mountain fortress.

I thought: “What would happen if a Lawful Neutral summoner were practicing his craft, and accidentally summoned one of these creatures?” I imagine that he would have all of the traditional protections in place to protect him from the sort of creatures he  would normally encounter, but that those safeguards would fail against the unique powers of the Eye of Fear and Flame. I imagined a situation developing that involved this summoner bringing co-conspirators on board and ultimately wresting control of the college away from his peers through treachery and trickery.

This adventure idea never went anywhere, but It has always stayed in the back of my mind. I imagine, of course, that this Lawful Neutral wizard has a reputation that precedes him as an honorable and loyal subject of the realm, the kind of man who is respected far and wide. The kind of man who could really wreak havoc with an Eye of Fear and Flame pulling his strings, the kind of man who could possibly usurp the power of the rightful lords of the land and establish an evil empire. Would it be too much to name my Eye of Fear and Flame Palpatine in this scenario?


3 thoughts on “D30 Challenge Day 18: Favorite Immortal/Outsider

  1. Or drop one of these into a science fiction campaign. “Sir, the Vulcan ambassador has a mysterious cargo he wants shipped back to his homeworld. Everything seems in order, but he’s acting rather… strange.”

      1. Hmm…

        If you’re doing straight Star Trek, they’d be aliens. Though to get an outsider feel you could make it a larval stage of the emotion creature from “Day of the Dove” or Redjac from “Wolf in the Fold”.

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