D30 Challenge Day 10: Craziest thing that’s happened…

I’ve found it really hard to remember any specific moment that takes the cake and also makes for an interesting post. Here is a favorite that I kept coming back to though:

There is a place in the Tomb of Horrors (a.k.a. Tomb of Player Characters) where the ceiling begins to rumble and the Dungeon Master is instructed to count to 3 or 5 or something, to himself. At the end of this silent countdown, the ceiling falls on anyone who hasn’t shouted “I dive out of the way!” or something similar to indicate they have vacated the area. Imagine if you will then a pack of characters doing just that: diving left or right and in general getting out from under the rumbling ceiling as quickly as possible. In the midst of this chaos and shouting our friend Dave decides that his bard (whose name escapes me), ever the scholar, does this instead: Dave clears his throat and calmly says “I look up and adjust my monocle.”  I remember all of the other characters looking on as Dave was stoically crushed by a 10 ton slab of rock. Immediately after this the table erupted in laughter, which eventually came to include Dave. From that point onward, “I adjust my monocle” became the standard response to imminent, life threatening danger.


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