Dungeons and Dragons 30 Day Challenge Days 2 and 3: Favorite Playable Race and Class

Since I jumped on this bandwagon a little late, I’ve decided that I will combine a few of these into one post to get caught up. You may say: “But that’s cheating! That won’t result in 30 days of posts!” And to that I say: You are absolutely right. I have no defense and make no apologies. I’m a scoundrel.

Maybe I am in the minority, but I don’t feel like I have a favorite race or class. I enjoy playing a wide range of characters at different times and in different games. In fact, this diversity is one of the things that has always appealed to me about role-playing games.

That being said, I have to confess that I have always been a champion of humans. Yep. Plain old human beings. I think this affinity developed as a backlash to the overabundance of demi-humans in the games I played in. This was especially true in AD&D 2e, where there was virtually no mechanical incentive to play a human (how many times did those demi-human level caps ever come into play?) We’ve all done it of course, but I grew to resent all those thieves that became elves or halflings not because the player had a good background or concept in mind, but because he wanted that 19 Dexterity. This is not to say that I never played a demi-human, or a halfling thief for that matter, but that I developed a fondness for playing human characters and played them perhaps more than other players, because it often felt, unfairly, like they were under-appreciated underplayed underdogs.

I’ve always had a soft spot for clerics for similar reasons. How many times have you seen this scenario: The last player that needs to make a character shows up and asks “What is everyone?” or “What do you guys need?” and the DM/Players respond “We could really use a cleric?” Then, with a heavy, resigned sigh, the last guy to the table says “Ok.” I’ve always felt like this disdain for priests was based on stereotypes and preconceived notions about clerics, notions that ignore the wealth of diversity and role-playing opportunities the class affords. It’s fun challenging stereotypes, and I’ve always had fun doing that with clerics.


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