Dungeons and Dragons 30 Day Challenge Day 1: Stay tuned to see if I can finish this list!


I saw this posted on another blog and without even reading all 30 of these items I stole this picture and started this post. Will I make it through all thirty days? I’ll be honest : that seems doubtful. But who knows? All that I know for sure is that I will get through Day 1.

How I got started:

My first experience with Dungeons and Dragons came when an older cousin of mine gave me his lightly used, red box, Basic Dungeons and Dragons set. This would have been in about 1986 or 87, when I was in the fourth grade. I fell in love with the game pretty much immediately. My first character was an elf named “Swiftie,” and I probably played the introductory solo adventure included in that set about a dozen times. My first adventuring party consisted of me, the neighbor kid, and another friend of mine. We played through the sample, non-solo adventure in that box and soon after I was making my own dungeons; masterful affairs that I have already touched upon here.

From there I eventually purchased the “Expert” (blue box) set and ran the Isle of Dread for anyone I could get to play with me. Then one day, in a bookstore,  my mind was blown by something called “Advanced Dungeons and Dragons 2nd Edition.” Why hadn’t anyone told me about this? You can pick a race and a class? Proficiencies?

At some point after discovering AD&D 2e, I found myself in a hobby store just as they were about to close and noticed a group of guys milling around a table in the back. They were about to play Dungeons and Dragons (AD&D 2e)! I was significantly younger than everyone at the table, but my father happened to know one of the guys in the group, and allowed me to stay and play. This was my first experience with any game group other than friends I had conned in to playing with me and I know that, being so much younger and inexperienced, I must have gotten on their nerves more than a few times. But they let me keep coming, and I eventually made some lifelong friends and developed a lifelong passion for gaming.


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